Workshops & Classes - Upcoming Tutoring 
Teaching: ‘Evolving Lost Wax Kiln Casting' ANU, Canberra, Australia, in conjunction with Ausglass ConferenceJan - Feb 2017
Teaching: Pittsburgh Glass Centre, Pittsburgh, PA, USAMay 2017
Teaching: The Studio, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, USAJune 2017

Workshops & Classes - Past Tutoring/Experience 
The Glass Furnace, Istanbul, Turkey
Tutoring 10 day Workshop: Lost Wax Casting, Artist in Residence
June – July 2014
Australian National University, School of Art: Glass
Tutoring 7 day Workshop for ANU Students, Follow-up & critique. Lecture Residency: ANU School of Art, Canberra, Australia
April – May 2014
Canberra Glassworks, Canberra ACT, Australia
Tutoring 7 day Masterclass ‘Lost Wax Casting.’ Artist in Residence
May 2014
SOFA Chicago: Artist Presentation, Navy Pier, Chicago, USANov 2014
Art Glass Studio, Perth, Australia
Tutoring Lost-wax casting: 2 x 6 day workshops
July – Aug 2013
The Shed Studio, Sydney 6 day workshop (Ranamok) Sydney, Australia
Wanganui UCOL: Tutoring Lost-wax casting 6 day workshops
Wanganui Glass Festival 2013: Guest Artist, Presentation, Speaker & Glass Olympics
Aug 2013
Wanganui Glass Festival 2012: Glass OlympicsOct 2012
Artists Collaboration Hugh McKay, Cast Glass Forms, Oregon, USAJune 2011
April on Murano: Sponsored by and Representing Gaffer Glass NZApril 2011
Tutor Lost-wax Casting, Abate Zanetti Scuola del vetro, Murano, Venice, Italy
Assisting TA 2/5 Daniel Clayman: (US) Ausglass Post Conference Workshop
Jan 2011
Bursting Bubbles: NZSAG 3Oth Anniversary Conference. Auckland, NZ
Conference Presentation: Different Approaches to Casting
Conference Demonstration: Different Moulding Techniques
Tutoring Pre-Conference Workshop: Taming Your Wax
Oct 2010
NZSAG Committee:
Production of NZSAG book: ‘NZ Glass Art’ (2009 - 2010)
Editor NZSAG 2006 – 2008 Glass News magazine
2006 - 2010
Arts Tutor: Lost Wax Glass Casting. Uxbridge, Howick, Auckland, NZ2006 - 2012
Demo/workshops: New techniques using R&R moulding material. NZ Sydney College of the Arts residency, Australia
Artists Collaboration: Something Different #2. (7 Australian, 2 NZ artists Sydney, Australia
Artists Collaboration Casting Techniques, Cast Glass Forms, Oregon, USA
Artist Talk & Presentation, Sth Oregon Arts Council, Port Orford, Oregon, USA
Artist Talk, Winner of Ranamok Glass Prize, Canberra Glassworks, Canberra, Australia2007
Arts Tutor: Pottery, Stained Glass/Leadlighting, Mosaics, Auckland, NZ2005 - 2007
Art Director, Publishing, Scholastic New Zealand Ltd1989-2002

Loren Stump (USA), The Art of Murini, WanganuiOctober 2016
Carol Milne (USA), Casting - Knit with Glass, HamiltonOctober 2016
Carmen Lozar (USA), Sculptural Flameworking, PuhoiOctober 2016
Max Jacquard (UK), Inside Out Casting, AucklandOctober 2016
Wilhelm Vernim (UK), Glass Engraving, MorrinsvilleNovember 2016
NZSAG Conference, ‘Light & Form’ Auckland, NZOctober 2016
GAS Conference: ‘Matters of Substance’ Corning Museum of Glass
(CMoG) Corning, NY, USA
June 2016
Janis Miltenburger, Flameworking, PGC, Pittsburgh, PA, USAJune 2016
Lucia Santini Venetian Glass Painting, The Studio, CMoG, Corning, NY, USAJune 2016
Ed Schmid Glassblowing Session 4 Pilchuck Glass School, WA, USA
(Full Scholarship)
July 2015
Denise Pepper Pate-de-Verre Workshop, Wanganui NZMarch 2015
April Surgent Engraving Workshop, Artstation, Auckland NZOct 2014
NZSAG Conference, Auckland, NZOct 2014
Simone Frezer (Germany) Blowing and Pate-de-Verre Workshop, 2 days
The Glass Furnace, Istanbul, Turkey
July 2014
Peter Collis: Paper Clay Sculpture, ASP, Auckland, NZOct – Dec 2013
Galia Amsel Workshop: Contrast: Glass casting, Wanganui, NZOct 2012
Shini-ichi & Kimiaki Higuchi: Pate-de Verre workshop, Wanganui, NZOct 2012
Generate NZSAG Bienniel Conference, Wanganui, NZOct 2012
Dr Gerry King (Aus) Masterclass: Kilnformed Glass, Wanganui, NZ
Creative Crossroads, GAS 41st Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, USA
Peripheral Vision: Ausglass 15th Biennial Conference Sydney, Australia
Daniel Clayman: (US) Ausglass Post Conference Workshop SCoA, Sydney, Australia
Lawrence Morrell: (US) Masterclass: Photo-Mask Sand-Carving, Wanganui, NZ
Bursting Bubbles: NZSAG 3Oth Anniversary Conference. Auckland, NZ
Ann Robinson Casting Workshop: Whats going on in there? Auckland, NZ
Pounamu Carving: Sam Wilkinson, Artstation, Auckland, NZ2009
Bronze Casting: Corbans Summer School, Auckland, NZ David Reid (UK)
Emma Varga: Masterclass Fusinging. Wanganui, NZ
Glassblowing: Peter Viesnik, Auckland, NZ
Hot Casting: Mitchell Gaudet. Seattle, USA
Forming Frontiers: Glass Art Society 38th Annual Conference: Portland, USA
Outside the Square: NZSAG, Biennial Conference: Whanganui, NZ
Emma Varga: Masterclass Finishing. Wanganui, NZ
Painting on Glass: Sharon Peters, Canberra Glassworks, ACT, Australia
Oamaru Stone Carving: Lauren Kitts, Auckland, NZ
Precious Metal Clay: Pakuranga College, Auckland, NZ
Vinyl Hot Melt Moulding: Workshop, Auckland, NZ
Aluminium Casting: Pakuranga College, Auckland, NZ
Fusing & Slumping: Claudia Borella, Auckland, NZ
Raku Pottery: Auckland Studio Potters, Auckland, NZ
Flame Beadmaking: Peter Viesnik, Auckland, NZ
Jewellery Construction: Uxbridge, Auckland, NZ
Pottery: Auckland Studio Potters, Auckland, NZ (Duncan Shearer, Margaret Sumich)
Matters of Substance: GAS & Ausglass Conference, Adelaide, Australia
Cast Glass: Artstation, Auckland, NZ. Year-long Course
Pottery: Penrose HS AE, Auckland, NZ (Matt Mclean)
Auckland Studio Potters, Auckland, NZ Various Workshops
Metal Sculpture: Penrose HS AE, Auckland, NZ
Cast Glass: Uxbridge Creative Centre, Auckland, NZ
Stained Glass: Edgewater College AE, Auckland, NZ
Slumping & Fusing Glass: Uxbridge, Auckland, NZ
Slip-casting: Western Potters, Auckland, NZ
Mosaics: Edgewater College AE, Auckland, NZ
Pottery: Edgewater College AE, Auckland, NZ
Stained Glass: Edgewater College AE, Auckland, NZ
Graphic Arts: Waikato Polytechnic WINTEC, Hamilton, NZ
Pottery: Talisman, Peter Collis (1981), Penrose HS (1983/85/89),
Onehunga HS (1984), Glendowie College (1988)


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