Glass For The New Millennium. Masterworks from the Kaplan-Ostergaard Collection
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, USA
Jul – Oct 2016
New Zealand Glassworks
Te Whare Tūhua O Te Ao, Whanganui, NZ
September 2016
Boyd-Dunlop Gallery, With Richard Wood Portraits & Photography
Napier, NZ
August 2016
GAS Conference: ‘Matters of Substance’ Live Auction
Corning, NY, USA
June 2016
KIGA - Kirra Illuminated Glass Award, Kirra Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
Selected finalist, (Highly Commended)
May – July 2016
BAM Auction Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, Seattle, USAJuly 2016
NZSAG Members Exhibition
TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, The Pah Homestead, Auckland
Oct – Nov 2015
Estuary Artworks
Selected (Finalist) Uxbridge, Auckland, NZ
Mar 2015
SOFA Chicago Represented by Kirra Galleries, Australia
Artist Talk
Nov 2014
Image & Object
NZSAG Biennial Conference Members Exhibition
Overall First Prize
Oct – Nov 2014
Ranamok 2014
Selected. Opening Canberra Glassworks, Australia, Touring Sydney & Brisbane
Aug – Nov 2014
2014 Hsinchu International Glass Art Festival (10th Biennale)
Hsinchu Glass Museum, Taiwan
Jul - Aug 2014
Light In Winter KIGA Kirra Illuminating Glass Award
Kirra Galleries, Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
June 2014
GAS (USA) Chicago Conference
Representing Gaffer Glass in the Technical Display
June 2014
Bilk Gallery, Manuka, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Apr - Jun 2014
Austin Art Studio
Palm Desert, CA, USA
Mar 2014
Kete 2014
Art Fair & Symposium, Wellington, NZ
Represented by Orexart
Feb - Mar 2014
SOFA Chicago 2013 Chicago USA
Represented by Kirra Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
Oct - Nov 2013
Quay Gallery, Sarjeant, Wanganui, NZ
Sept 2013 – Jan 2014
Auckland Art Fair 2013
Represented by Orexart
The Cloud, Queens Wharf, Quay St, Auckland, NZ
Aug 2013
Ranamok 2013
Opening Canberra Glassworks, Australia, Touring Australia until 2014
Aug 2013 – Mar 2014
The Religious Experience
Orexart, Auckland, NZ
Jul 2013
Ensemble Ausglass Bienniel Conference Exhibition
Wagga Wagga, Australia
Feb - Apr 2013
Salute III Sabbia Gallery
Sydney, Australia
Dec 2012 - Jan 2013
Prima Sabbia Gallery
Sydney, Australia
Mar 2013
Generate NZSAG Bienniel Conference Exhibition
Wanganui, NZ
Oct 2012
34th Pilchuch Live Auction
Seattle, WA, USA
Oct 2012
National Liberty Museum Live Auction
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Sept 2012
Spark and Flame: 50 years of Art Glass
Chazen Museum of Art
Madison, WI, USA
Apr – Aug 2012
Ranamok 2012
Opening Canberra Glassworks, Australia, Touring Australia until 2013
Aug 2012 – Sept 2013
Warm Glass UK Glass Prize 2012
Winner Artists Category
Orexart, Auckland, NZ
May 2012
Royal NZ Easter Show 2012 Glass Section
(First Prize & Merit)
Apr 2012
Reboot Milford Galleries
Queenstown, NZ
Mar - Apr 2012
Chosen Milford Galleries
Queenstown, NZ
Feb - Mar 2012
Earl Street Journal Milford Galleries
Queenstown, NZ
Dec 2011 - Feb 2012
New Glass Collection Form Gallery
Christchurch Art Gallery, NZ
Mar 2012
Estuary Artworks Selected
Uxbridge, Auckland, NZ
Feb - Mar 2012
Lost-wax Casting, Abate Zanetti Scuola del vetro
Murano, Venice, Italy
April 2011
Geometry Annual Masters of Glass Exhibition
Sabbia Gallery
Sydney, Australia
Jan - Feb 2011
Bursting Bubbles
Essenze Gallery, Parnell, Auckland, NZ
NZ Society of Artists in Glass 30 years Conference Members Exhibition
Oct 2010
Ranamok 2010
Opening Canberra Glassworks, Australia
2 Selected. Touring Australia until 2012
Aug 2010 - Jan 2012
Hastings City Art Gallery (Selected Invitation)
Jul - Sept 2010
Winter Sabbia Gallery
Jun - Jul 2010
Winter Show Milford Galleries
May - Jun 2010
Oz: Studio Glass from Australia & NZ
Imago Galleries Studio Gallery,
Palm Desert, CA, USA
Feb 2010
Estuary Artworks
Uxbridge, Auckland, NZ (Selected)
Feb - Mar 2010
Looking Glass: Reflecting Ideas
Sarjeant Gallery
Wanganui, NZ
Dec 2009 - Mar 2010
Pataka Museum
Porirua, NZ
Selected, touring survey of NZ glass. Curated by Grace Cochrane
May - Aug 2010
MG, Milford Galleries, Auckland, NZ
Dec 2009
Glass 09
Milford Galleries, Queenstown
Nov 2009
Something Different Again: Cats & Dogs
Artereal Gallery
Sydney, Australia
Dec 2009
Auckland, NZ
Oct 2009
Artists Collaboration
Jan 2009
Molly Morpeth Canaday Glass Awards
Whakatane Museum & Gallery
Oct - Nov 2007
(Selected, 3rd place)
Aug - Sept 2010
Aug 2009
Sabbia Gallery, Sydney, Australia
New Zealand’s Foremost Glass Casters (Selected Invitation. Artists Talk)
Jan - Feb 2009
Glass Invitational NZ
National, Toured by Milford Galleries (Selected Invitation)
2008 - 2010
Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, NZDec 2009 - Feb 2010
Milford Dunedin, NZ
Feb/Apr 2009
Canterbury Museum
Christchurch, NZ
Nov 2008 - Feb 2009
NZ Sculpture OnShore
Devonport, Auckland, NZ
Nov 2008
Forming Frontiers: 38th GAS Conference Jun 2008
Showcase of NZ Glass Art 2008
Te Papa Museum
Wellington, NZ
Apr 2008
Kiwi Caravan
Manukau, Auckland, NZ
Feb 2008
Marine & Nautical
Nikau Gallery
Mahurangi, NZ
Jan 2008
SOFA 2007 Chicago USA
Represented by Glass Artists Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Nov 2007
Re:Fraction Waitakaruru Sculpture Park, Hamilton, NZ
Oct/Nov 2007
Ranamok 2007
Australia, Touring. (Selected. Winner)
Aug 2007 - Jul 2008
Bombay Sapphire Blue Room 2007 (Selected)
Auckland, NZ
Wellington, NZ
Oct 2007
Cavalier Bremworth Luminous
Mazda Artworks at the Hilton, Auckland, NZ
(Honourable mention)
(Honourable mention)

Aug 2008
Aug - Sept 2007
Aug - Sept 2006
Art Trail Out East
Uxbridge, Manukau, Auckland, NZ Jul - Aug 07
Auckland Botanical Gardens, NZ

Jul - Aug 07
Apr 2005
Wheaton Glass Weekend 07
Wheaton Village USA
Represented by Glass Artists Gallery
Sydney, Australia
July 2007
Form Gallery
Christchurch Art Gallery, NZ
July 2007
Encore 07
Encore 06
Glass Artists Gallery, Glebe
Sydney, Australia
Mar 2007
Mar - Apr 2006
Uxbridge, Manukau, Auckland, NZ
Mar - Apr 2007
Green Exhibition
Nikau Gallery, Mahurangi, NZ
Feb 2007
Crystalline World
Waiheke Community Art Gallery, NZ
Nov - Dec 2006
NZSAG Glass Auction 2006
Columba Centre
Auckland, NZ

Dec 2006
Manukau Vessel & Sculpture Exhibition
Auckland, NZ
9th Selected
8th Selected
7th Selected (Merit Award)

Nov 2006
Nov 2005
Nov 2004
Ode to the Blues
Glass Artists Gallery, Glebe, Sydney, Australia
Sep - Oct 2006
25th Anniversary
Uxbridge, Manukau, Auckland, NZ
Auction and Cast Glass demonstration

Oct 2006
Glass 06
Papakura Art Gallery, Manukau, NZ
Sept 2006
Ranamok 2006
Australia, Touring. (2 Selected)
Aug 2006 - May 2007
Uxbridge, Manukau, Auckland, NZ
Aug 06
A Touch of Glass
Mairangi Arts Centre, Auckland, NZ
July 2006
The Object as an Eloquent Statement NZSAG  
NZ Society of Artists in Glass Biennial Conference Members Exhibition
Artstation, Auckland, NZ (2nd Prize)
Mar 2006
Blues Exhibition
The Glass Gallery, Mahurangi, NZ
Feb - Mar 2006
Ranamok 2005
Australia, Touring. (2 Selected)
Aug 2005 - Oct 2006
Matters of Substance 35th GAS Conference Auction
Adelaide, Australia
May 2005
Waiheke Ceramics Award
Waiheke Art Gallery, Waiheke (Selected)
May 2005
Cast Glass. Artstation, Auckland, NZ
Dec 2004


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